Monday, 20 April 2020

Workshop upgrade

What I found with my last two Projects is that I do not have enough workbench length and some of my Machinery is difficult to move .Because my Workshop is quite small 24' x 12'  most of my Machinery is on wheels I have improved the mobility of three of my Machines by fitting larger better quality casters.My workbench will be lengthened from about 8' to about 13'.
It is a bit of a struggle turning heavy Machinery on their side if a bit too much for one person normally I would get my Son Mark to help me but due to Lock down that is not possible so it has been a struggle.
I am also considering changing my Radial Arm saw for a big sliding Mitre Saw the Makita LS1216 is favourite .
The Workshop has not really been upgraded since it was built about 12 years ago.
When I have finished the upgrade I plan to do a video walk around the Workshop

If anybody is interested I will have a very good Radial Arm saw for sale I will also be selling my Bandsaw .

Looks untidy now but it was worse this morning
 Radial Arm Saw

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