Saturday, 4 April 2020

Lock down Update 7

With my Table top finished I now have to do the legs.
I was not sure what sort of legs to do so decided on square at the top to tapered on both insides of the legs and a top rail to secure it all together.
I could only do preparation of the wood today because I am waiting for a Glue delivery from Axminster tools on Monday.

A few pics to be going on with

All the wood planed and thicknessed ready to be cut to exact lengths

 Made a tapering Jig ready to taper the legs
 I was going to do all the cutting to length on the Bandsaw but decided it is just not accurate enough.
I have a really good Table saw but it takes a bit of time to set up because the sliding table assembly is taken off so that it can be put into a slot by the bench.
This means to use it I have to bring it out and put it together.
It is on Wheels so not too bad.
This gave me an opportunity to clean behind it and as a bonus I found a pack of 5 Band saw blades behind it.
This is a very accurate Saw Bench and gives a far better cut than the Bandsaw.

I want the top of the legs to be 75mm square this gave me a bit of a problem as I dont have any 75mm square Ash.
To get over this I am gluing the legs up from two equal pieces 37.5mm to give me 75mm square.
The legs are 400mm long giving me an overall table height of 400mm + 50mm inc top
This picture shows the 8 half legs and the 4 rails all cut to accurate lengths.
 Just a practice piece to get the slot right for slotting the rails into the legs eventually.
Table Saw packed away ready for next time it is a pity I dont have the room to keep it set up I would use it more

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