Sunday 13 December 2015

Airbrush day with Nick Agar

On Friday four of us had an airbrush course with Nick Agar in my workshop.
The more I learn about Airbrushing the more I find there is to learn. As usual nick was very patient and nothing is ever too much trouble for him.
A great day was had by all and I think it has inspired all of us to take airbrushing further.
Thank you Nick for a great day I look forward to next time.

Saturday 5 December 2015

Studio / Garden room

I have just completed our new Studio /Garden room.
This is a Log cabin that I have insulated and lined out with Sterling board.
The floor is Oak Laminate.
The whole thing is well insulated so that we can use it summer and winter for painting and Art works.
The tubes are daylight tubes to make it better for Photography

Thursday 3 December 2015

Olivers Birthday Bowl

Yesterday Oliver was my Student for the day it was a Birthday Present from his Mother and he certainly made the most of it.
Oliver was probably one of the most natural turners I have had here and I am certain if he takes up woodturning he will become a great turner
Very well done Oliver.

Oliver with a beautiful Beech bowl that he turned

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Peter and his Ash bowl

My Student today was Peter and this is the very nice Ash bowl that he turned.
Very well done peter

Sunday 29 November 2015

Airbrushed Hollow form

This Airbrushed Hollow form is approx. 8" high

A Fruit making session

Today I made some fruit for Somerset Crafts Gallery because I am down to one piece.
They are all approx. 3" wide using up odds and sods of wood I have been saving for a while.

Friday 27 November 2015

Monday 16 November 2015


Today Stuart was my Student and he turned a very respectable Ash bowl.
Very well done Stuart I hope Jess was pleased with it.

Wednesday 11 November 2015


Neville who came here yesterday for some bowl turning tuition is a retired farmer. He first saw me demonstrating at yandles show in September where he bought a lathe and tools.
Farmers are always good with their hands and Neville is no exception.
Neville turned a very respectable beech bowl with very little impute from me and I am sure he will go on to be a very competent turner.

Very well done Neville

Monday 26 October 2015

A joy to teach

When teaching very occasionally you get a student that you just know would make a first class woodturner.
Today was one of those days her name is Joy and she was an absolute joy to work with.
Joy is a surgeon working mostly on patients with bowel cancer and I expect she has to have a very delicate touch to carry out these operations. Well she certainly had a delicate but positive feel for woodturning.
Joy is coming back for two days in the new year and I am looking forward to seeing her again .

The second picture shows the bowl colour better and yes Joy did the turning and the colouring.

Sunday 25 October 2015

Getting in the Christmas spirit

Everybody keeps telling me it is near Christmas so I thought I should get in the spirit of things .Here are some Sea Urchin ornaments I made today and have about another 20 to go .The shells have been hanging about here for several years so it is about time they were used.

Saturday 17 October 2015

Box making course.

Mark Sanger and I carried out a two day Box making course this week for  four Students.
Everybody enjoyed the two days and they all learned a lot about box making. The Students made several very nice box's the final Box was a Chinese Box that combined all the elements of Box making.
Students took away a lot of new knowledge and  an Aide Memoire to help with future Box making

Here are a few pics I took during the day.





Saturday 10 October 2015

Keith and Rebecca

Two more students this week having an introduction to woodturning day Keith and Rebacca.
Keith is a retired Doctor and Rebecca is a writer of children's books with 26 books published.
I am not sure if they will take up woodturning as they are both involved in other pursuits.
If they do or don't it does not matter as they both enjoyed their day here and they both have very nice bowls to show for it.
They do look pleased with themselves so it will be interesting to see what the future holds.
Very well done both of you it was an enjoyable day you were good company.

Friday 9 October 2015

Well done David.

David is a semi retired Civil Engineer who has decided to take up Woodturning as a hobby for his retirement .he has now bought all the equipment and with a days Bowl turning tuition he is ready to have a go on his own.
Well done David that is a very nice Beech Bowl.

Thursday 8 October 2015

Brothers Very Large Yew Bowl

Last Sunday my Brother Chris spent the day here and made a very large Yew bowl for a customer. The wood was as dry as a bone because it had been cut down well over ten years ago andhad been under cover ever since.

The finished bowl is 15" x 12"
It was turned on my Nova and it was so heavy and out of balance the lathe had to be chained down.to the floor