Saturday 10 February 2018

Todays Student Mark

My Student today was Mark who's Wife Jacqui treated him to a days Woodturning Tuition for his Birthday.
Mark has always had a love of wood and woodwork but was not sure if he would take to woodturning so his days Tuition was an experience day to see how he got on.
Today was a real success Mark took to turning like a Duck to water but he needs to stop expecting too much from himself.
Mark has decided that turning is definitely for him and he has asked me to do a list of the equipment he will need.
Mark has said he wants good equipment so that will be some from Axminster tools ,Yandles and Crown tools.
After Mark has set up his Workshop he is coming back for more tuition I will look forward to that Mark is great company.
As you can see mark turned a very nice Sycamore Bowl today and I am sure he will go on to make many more.

Sunday 4 February 2018

Playing with colours

On Wednesday evening I did a demonstration in our local Woodturning Club I was going to make a Cake stand but in the end I decided I liked colouring more that Cake stands.
I used a couple of Bowl blanks that I had roughed out about a year ago the red one is Sycamore and the darker one is Beech.
Some Months ago I had a day with Martin Saban-Smith who makes and sells his Intrinsent colours they are water based stains.
What I like about these is that the grain and figuring of the wood shows through the finished wood.
These Bowls were not completed completely on Wednesday because I considered it more important to show the colouring technique than creating finished Bowls so I finished them of this morning..

By using a combination of colours I have highlighted the grain and figure in the wood.

Upcycled Oak Doorstops

Just finished some Oak Doorstops from Upcycled Oak some will go to Somerset Craftsand some to my Gallery at home.

Friday 2 February 2018

Phillip ans Lynne

My Students yesterday were Phillip and Lynne who have bought themselves a Lathe and equipment from Axminster tools.
Phillip is a retired Farmer and Lynne is a retired computer teacher and they are going to take up Woodturning as a joint Hobby.I think before too long they will have to buy a second Lathe as they are both keen and will end up fighting over one Lathe.
We had a good day yesterday and they have booked in for another day in two weeks so that is something to look forward too as they were great company.
They did very well producing two very nice Sycamore Bowls.