Saturday 27 February 2016

Another satisfied customer

Richards wife Maia treated him to a days woodturning tuition for his Birthday because it is something he has always been interested in. Richard is a nurse dealing with mental patient's so this is something completely different for him and something he is considering taking up as a hobby. I hope he does take it up he very quickly took to turning and I am very sure he would make a very good woodturner.
Here is Richard with the beautiful beech bowl he turned today.
Very well done Richard.

Wednesday 24 February 2016

An easy day yesterday

I am on a bit of a run the last couple of Students I have had have been very easy to teach and I  am getting some easy days.
Yesterday my Student Chris was here for an experience day as a birthday present from his Wife .
Chris has spent his working life with computers so you would not expect him to be good with tools but he was and he found turning came very easy to him.
Chris has been considering a hobby that involved wood so I feel sure he will be taking up turning some time in the future.
Very well done Chris

Chris turned this very nice Beech Bowl

Saturday 20 February 2016

Todays Student Martin

I do not work on a Saturday if I can avoid it but there are times when it is the only day some people can make so I try to be flexible.
Today was one of those days for my Student Martin luckily he was very easy to teach and good company so it was not a chore.
Martin is a teacher in a private school teaching Design and technology so he is quite a hands on sort of person which made the day easy for me.
Todays experience day was a 50th birthday present from his wife Louise .
I have a feeling Martin will be taking up turning as a hobby and I hope he does because he is a natural.
Today Martin turned a beautiful Spalted Beech bowl with a beaded rim scorched and Verdigris waxed.

Thursday 18 February 2016

Stephen's second day

The plan today was to turn a wide rimmed bowl and colour and texture the rim. Things don't always go to plan the Beech blank we chose for today turned out to be far too beautiful to texture and colour.
So it was now plan B turn the bottom of the bowl then turn it around and create a wide rimmed bowl do a bit of texturing and colouring and then turn it into a very nice fruit bowl removing the colour and texture.
The first pictures show some of the texturing and colouring that Steven did prior to creating a most stunning fruit bowl.

Stephen turns and finishes the bottom of the bowl

Now we can see the stunning feature in this bowl we make the decision that it is just too nice to texture and colour.

The bowl is now turned and in the chuck ready to have a play with colour and texture.

 The bowl is finally turned into a beautiful fruit bowl


Wednesday 17 February 2016

Stephen's first bowl

Stephen is with me for a two day bowl turning course and this is the Bowl he turned today out of a nice piece of Beech.
Tomorrow he wants to turn a wide rimmed bowl and add some texturing and colouring .

Friday 12 February 2016

Simon and Mike

Today I had Father and Son Simon and Michael here to have a days tuition on bowl turning.
Both took to turning and I am sure with practice they will make good Woodturners.
They both turned very respectable Beech bowls as you can see from the following picture.

Monday 8 February 2016

Mike and Fiona

A very enjoyable day today with my Students Mike and Fiona. Mike is a Doctor who has taken early retirement to work in Nepal doing Ear nose and throat surgery on people that could not normally afford it. Mike and Fiona are living there at their own expense out of the kindness of their hearts. They have been doing this for many years when Mike took unpaid leave to go there and help the people.
These are a really wonderful caring couple and great company.
We had a most enjoyable day lots of banter and a lot of good work done .
The end result is two lovely Beech bowls .
Fiona's favourite colour is blue so she coloured her rim blue and Mike did a bit of texturing and a bit of blue on his rim.
Thank you Mike and Fiona for a wonderful days company.

Thursday 4 February 2016

Nick's Bowl

Nick's Daughter Joelle bought him a Gift voucher for a days turning for his Birthday and this is the result.
Nick turned a very nice Beech Bowl with a coloured and textured rim.
Nick was easy company and took to woodturning like a duck to water.
Very well done nick I enjoyed your company and look forward to seeing you in the future