Monday 16 December 2019

Stock for Devon Guild of Craftsmen

Just finished 6 colored Bowls stock for the Devon guild of Craftsmen.
These are all Sycamore approx thirteen inches wide

I have just started another six to keep my replacement stock up for the Gallery's I supply

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Gilding with Adam Cornish

Yesterday I spent the Afternoon with Adam Cornish having a taster session on gilding
In the new year Adam will be doing a Masterclass on gilding and how Gilding techniques can enhance woodturned pieces.This will be a class for a limited amount of Students as there is quite a bit to take in and the course will involve Gilding of Gold and other Metals.
Here are two small Silver Birch Burr Bowls that I Gilded yesterday

 This Bowl is Gilded with mixed leaf
 This Bowl is Gilded with copper

Saturday 7 December 2019

Paul and Jax

Today my Students were Paul and Jax although they are both regular Students they have never been here together before.
I like to teach two Students at a time if possible as I actually find it goes a lot smoother than one to one no so intense and you can end up having a lot of fun and today was one of those days.
Paul and Jax worked well together and turned out some really nice work as you can see from the picture