Saturday 31 March 2018

Martin's second visit

My Student today was Martin from South Wales on his second visit.
Martin was here about a year ago and has been practicing and improving greatly but wants to progress his turning into colouring and texturing.
Martin needed to sort out a few issues which is only to be expected so we spent a day sorting out his issues and playing with colouring and texturing.
I was very pleased to see Martin because we got on so well together last time he was here.
As before we had lots of laughs and also got through a lot of work.
Here are some pics from our day.
We had a great day and I am now looking forward to Martins next visit.

Using Martin Saban Smiths Intrinsic water based stains to colour an Ash Bowl

 Some colouring andtexturing on a Sycamore blank

 This is an Ash Bowl that Martin brought with him and we scorchedit to remove the soft grain then coloured it black with spirit stain then added Chestnut Gold Gilt cream followed by two coats of sealer and Lacquer
 Thi is the finished Ash bowl coloured with the Intrinsic stains.

Tuesday 27 March 2018

Turning with Tony

My Student today was Tony.
Tony's Wife bought him a days Bowl turning Tuition as a present.
Tony has a Lathe and equiptment and is ready to start turning.
With todays tuition under his belt I would expect him to make some good work.
The pic below shows the lovely Beech Bowl Tony is taking home for his Wife Kerry .

Sunday 25 March 2018

Ashley and Emma

Yesterday my Student was Ashley.
Ashley is a carpenter and works for himeself as a kitchen fitter so he is already familier with working with wood
Emma treated Ashley to a days woodturning tuition as a Birthday present because it is something he always wanted to have a go at.
I feel sure that Ashley will take up Woodturning at some time as he is obviously very comfortable working with wood.
We had a great day very easy for me and Ashley turned a beutiful Beech Bowl for Emma and as you can see she is very pleased with the result.

Friday 23 March 2018

George my Student for the day

My Student today was George and he was here as a days Woodturning tuition as a Birthday present from his Wife Sheila.
George was great company and we had a lot of laughs .
George got on very well with his Turning and took to it like a duck to water making it an easy day for me.
The picture below shows a very happy George with the lovely Sycamore Bowl he turned.

Friday 16 March 2018

Janis and Lee

My Students today were Janis and lee.
Janis treated Lee to a days Woodturning as a Christmas present then decided to join him.
Lee turned a very nice Sycamore Bowl wit a textured and coloured rim and Janis turned a beutiful Spalted beech bowl.
Very well done bothe of you it was a pleasure having you here and hopefully we will see you again soon.


One of my Students last week was Theo .
Theo was treated to a days woodtourning Tuition by his Partner Becky.
Theo turned a very nice Beech Bowl as you can see from the Picture below.
Well done Theo we enjoyed your company and hope to see you again.

Saturday 10 March 2018

Todays painting looking for a name

Thank you all that sugested a name for yesterdays painting in the end I settled on Irises.Now I am looking for a name for todays painting.
All suggestions are apreciated.

Friday 9 March 2018

Todays Student Luke.

Today my Student was luke who was here to have an experiance day and to see if he wanted to take up turning as a hobby.
Luke assured me he enjoyed his day and will be getting a lathe and equiptment in the near future.
Well done Luke I enjoyed your company and look forward to hearing from you soon
Luke Turned a very nice bowl from Beech.


This a painting I did yesterday it is 18" x 14" on stretched canvas.I have never been one for putting a name to my work and cant think of a name for this one so I am open to sugestions.The most popular name on my facebook is Irises so that is what it will be.

Saturday 3 March 2018

More paint pour practice

I have been doing more practicing with paint pouring and I am quite pleased with the results.
The first three are on canvas approx 14" Square and the fourth a 12" x 1" Beech blank.

Friday 2 March 2018

Something new.

Hi All.
This is my first effort at pouring paint on a 12" x 1 " Beech blank.