Saturday, 31 March 2018

Martin's second visit

My Student today was Martin from South Wales on his second visit.
Martin was here about a year ago and has been practicing and improving greatly but wants to progress his turning into colouring and texturing.
Martin needed to sort out a few issues which is only to be expected so we spent a day sorting out his issues and playing with colouring and texturing.
I was very pleased to see Martin because we got on so well together last time he was here.
As before we had lots of laughs and also got through a lot of work.
Here are some pics from our day.
We had a great day and I am now looking forward to Martins next visit.

Using Martin Saban Smiths Intrinsic water based stains to colour an Ash Bowl

 Some colouring andtexturing on a Sycamore blank

 This is an Ash Bowl that Martin brought with him and we scorchedit to remove the soft grain then coloured it black with spirit stain then added Chestnut Gold Gilt cream followed by two coats of sealer and Lacquer
 Thi is the finished Ash bowl coloured with the Intrinsic stains.

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  1. Well what can i say once you have been to see George you have to go back again and again! he his such a good teacher very patient and such a laugh we had a great time. and the bonus was the hospitality from his wife and the home cooking was to die for all in all it was a no brainer in going back.
    Thank you George for such a great day looking forward to my next visit