Tuesday 28 April 2020

Workshop update complete

That is it for now Workshop update complete .The last thing was to move all the machinery in before the Rains came and fit my Vice and I have done both.
I am pleased with the results it is a pleasure to spend time there

Sunday 26 April 2020

Workshop upgrade near enough finished.

My Workshop upgrade is just about finished there are few more things to do at a later date but that is for another day.

Because I fitted the new Mitre Saw I found the Bench was not wide enough to support the wood that will be cut on the Saw so I have widened the Bench top to 2'6" this makes all the difference.I now have 8' on the left of the Saw and 5' on the right that is anple.

 I am pleased with how it has turned out
This is an example of how one job leads to another the floor needs painting it was last done when the Workshop was built 12 years ago.

 All the machinery except the Bandsaw and Graduate Lathe has been moved outside so that the floor can be painted.

 I have wire brushed the complete floor by hand because there is no point putting expensive paint on a poor surface.My poor old knees are rubbed raw from kneeling Lol.

 I will just paint around the Graduate it is too heavy to shift
 The bandsaw is awkward because it is higher than the doors so although it is on wheels it would be awkward for one person to move it outside.I have painted the area it stands on then pushed it back in place a bit of patching might be needed
 The paint is a little darker than I would have liked but it looks OK and it is anti slip.

 The paint is supposed to be allowed to harden for 48 hours before using it but I think in these temperatures i will be able to move it all in tomorrow afternoon.To be on the safe side as light rain is forecast for tomorrow everything is sheeted down well.

Thursday 23 April 2020

Still on Workshop Upgrade

I decided that the new saw would be best permanently mounted in the Bench.It meant cutting out a big hole in my new bench top but never mind it will be worth it.

 This is what the saw will sit on with 18mm MDF under it it has to be quite firm because the Saw is heavy
 Here we have the Saw in place and fixed down.The surface of the Saw is 3/8" above the bench surface .If i have long wood to work on I will put a slip of wood under it to make it the same height as the Saw .This will work better that trying to make the bench absolutely perfect.
 One problemI now have is that the bench is not wide enough.An ideal bench with this machine on would be 3' wide my bench is 2' wide so I am giong to make it 2' 6" wide that should be OK.This will not be difficult I just have to unscrew the plywood  top and remove it making room for the wider top
I have not tried the Saw yet but I did run it up and put a couple of bits through it I was pleasantly surprised how quiet it is.

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Workshop upgrade

Workshop update
I have been working in my Workshop all day i dont know where the time goes.Workbench is now finished and a wide shelf created by my Graduate Lathe.New Toy delivered

It is a pleasure to have a Workbench big enough to get a decent sized sheet on
 The new toy delivered
 And unpacked not tried it yet
 New wide shelf my Graduate Lathe cabinet above for PPE and first aid kit

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Disappointed with Axminster tools

Disappointed with Axminster Tools I compared there price for a Makita LS1216 Sliding Mitre Saw they wanted £599 00 https://www.alanwadkinstoolstore.co.uk/ were doing it for £549 a difference of £50 00 As I have always recommended Axminster and spent many thousands of pounds with them I asked them if they would price match They said they do not price match so I have ordered it from https://www.alanwadkinstoolstore.co.uk/ In future I will not be so quick to order from Axminster they have got very expensive such a shame

Monday 20 April 2020

Workshop upgrade

What I found with my last two Projects is that I do not have enough workbench length and some of my Machinery is difficult to move .Because my Workshop is quite small 24' x 12'  most of my Machinery is on wheels I have improved the mobility of three of my Machines by fitting larger better quality casters.My workbench will be lengthened from about 8' to about 13'.
It is a bit of a struggle turning heavy Machinery on their side if a bit too much for one person normally I would get my Son Mark to help me but due to Lock down that is not possible so it has been a struggle.
I am also considering changing my Radial Arm saw for a big sliding Mitre Saw the Makita LS1216 is favourite .
The Workshop has not really been upgraded since it was built about 12 years ago.
When I have finished the upgrade I plan to do a video walk around the Workshop

If anybody is interested I will have a very good Radial Arm saw for sale I will also be selling my Bandsaw .

Looks untidy now but it was worse this morning
 Radial Arm Saw

Sunday 19 April 2020

New Project Bench Seat completed

Finished all the work on my Bench sat today and I am father pleased with it 3 coats of teak oil and it will have a few more when the first lot has soaked in well .

 I think it looks rather nice there and it is quite comfortable

Friday 17 April 2020

New Project Bench seat Restoration 4

I have been quietly making progress on my Bench seat but a lot of it was probably not suitable for pictures and description.There are a lot of Mortise and Tenon joints and some of these I made by hand a couple of days ago.I have really ever done much hand joinery so it was something new and I actually enjoyed it.I was also surprised that I was not too bad at it.
I picked up some Gorilla Glue from Screwfix and never realised it was foaming Glue.As I had it I thought I might as well use it and was surprised and pleased with it.One thing I liked was the cleaning up of the foam that had oozed out from the joints was easy to remove with a sharp chisel.

Even though the joints are quite tight some of the glue squeezes out .

 Once again I had to raid my Ash stash it is stunning beautiful wood

All set up for processing the wood
 Starting to come together the back rest is glued onto the rear legs the sides are placed into the Mortises and Tenons dry for a trial fit.
 One thing I have found doing these couple of projects is that i need more workbench space that will be my next project I think.

 Put a bit of a radius on the seat supports with Bandsaw and Bobbin sander

 The sides and seat slats placed together dry ready for gluing.

Tuesday 14 April 2020

New Project Bench Seat restoration.3

Started off today by creating a Bevel on all the edges of the wood that has been prepared there will more to do later.It only takes a short time on the Router Table with the bevel cutter very simple to use you just set the height and run the wood along the bearing.

 Not very clear in this picture but all the edges now have a small Bevel makes it look nicer
 This is all put together with Biscuit joints and Gorilla Glue and will be very strong.
 As you can see the Biscuit slots are almost the full width of the wood creating a very good joint.
 All Glued and clamped Router table covered with Cling film to protect from the glue.
 That is the Mortices completed on the ends I had to concentrate here because it is very easy to mark it out wrong.Plenty left to do and i will be doing it a bit at a time making sure I dont make mistakes.

Monday 13 April 2020

New Project Bench Seat restoration.2

With the old seat dismantled my plan today was to prepare all the wood ready to assemble but there was a big change of plan as you will see.

Raided my stash of Ash really this wood is too good for this but I dont have anything else suitable because as soon as I get wood I cut it into Bowl Blanks.

 Took measurements and worked out what I needed for the project.
 Wood sawn and ready for assembly at this stage it has been sawn planed and thicknessed as it is for rough old outside seat I have not bothered sanding the finish is good enough.
 Using the top of the old frame as a pattern to get the curve right
 Refined the curve on the Belt sander
 This is where the change came this is not glued up just put together dry to make sure of the fit.
 I looked at this and decided it was much too nice to stick those cheap old cast iron ends on and dade the decision to make a complete seat from scratch.This will be a lot more work but a much nicer project.This means that I am now going to aim for a much better finish.The parts are now all sanded and my next job is to put a small chamfer on all the edges it gives it a much nicer look that will be tomorrow.
 These are the two end back legs and back support quite a lot of work to be done on these yet.
Tomorrow I have to go to Screwfix to get some suitable glue because this will be an outside seat.

Sunday 12 April 2020

New Project Bench Seat restoration.1

As I have completed my coffee Table Project I was thinking what else could I do to keep me busy.
We have had a Bench Seat in the front of our Bungalow chained to the wall because the last one was stolen.It has been there for about ten years so was desperately in need of restoring to its original or better condition.The ends are cast iron so only need a wire brushing and the decorative panels are tin so will need wire brushing and painting.
I have made a start and will inc a few pics on my Blog as I go.

Because all the bolts were rusted up they had to be cut off with the disc grinder .The disc Grinder is fitted with a very thin metal cutting disc very efficient.Not forgetting to use full face protection in my opinion just protecting the eyes is not enough.

 As you can see it has seen better days

 The panel is held in with screws they were too rusty to unscrew so I prised it all apart

That is the dismantling completed ready for cleaning painting and new woodwork. 

Saturday 11 April 2020

Lock Down update 12

That is this Project Completed I hope you like it and if you do please comment

The Frame and legs fitted and a coat of Danish oil applied
 Turned and another coat of Danish oil on the top this is the third coat and it is looking good 
 That's it the finished job.

If you found this interesting please comment if you didn't why are you still watching LOL