Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Lock Down Update 8

I have been waiting for a Delivery from Axminster Tools Titebond Glue and  Liberon Superior Danish oil .Ordered on Friday delivered on Monday .Good service and free delivery.

 That was yesterday and all I could do was glue up and wait until the glue cured for about 24 Hours.
This pic shows the four legs glued up and securely clamped.

The glued up legs are now cured enough to work on so I have set up the Planer and the Thicknesser to true them up.
 Checking the Planer fence is upright because I want these to be dead square and all exactly the same size.
 That is them planed square and Thicknessed to exact size
 After Planing and Thicknessing back through the Drum Sander 180 grit gives a perfect finnish if the feed speed is low.

This is where I have to be very careful and concentrate I have a habit of Buggering things up  if I dont.The ends are carefully marked so that the right sides are tapered easy to make a mistake at this stage.

 On the Sawbench with the Tapering jig that I made it is only a one off so nothing fancy.
 As you can see the slots have been Routered into the legs ready to take the rails.They now have two rough sides strait of the sawbench and will need sanding

 This is a nice set of extra long 1/2" Router Bits I bought several years ago perfect for use with a Router Table.
The two tapered sides are now sanded on the Belt sander a very useful bit of kit 180 grit leaves a perfect finnish.

 Just had a delivery of a new Toy from Axminster Tools ordered yesterday delivered today a Trend Digital depth gauge this will make setting up the Router easier.

 All four legs Squared tapered , routed and sanded ready for gluing to the rails and fixing to the Table top I will probably do that tomorrow.


  1. This is going to be a super finished product. Can't quite work out how the legs attach but I'll look forwardto the next blog.