Monday 9 April 2018

A day with Jenni

A few weeks ago Jenni contacted me and booked in to do some woodturning as part of her UNI course.In her Email she said she needed to make a small bowl and three handles.I thought that will be OK until a couple of days ago I got the Drawings for this project and it was not going to be anything like as simple as I first thought.I have never seen such detailed drawings and as I never work to drawings for woodturning I was more than a bit concerned.There was no way a complete novice was going to work to such exacting standards.I pointed this out to Jenni in a telephone conversation and to be honest I felt even more concerned afterwords as I did not think she grasped how difficult it would be.
Waiting for her to turn up in the morning my tummy was tied up in knots because i was sure this was going to be one of the worst teaching experiences of my life.
When Jenni turned up she was a 22 year old with the most engaging personality and I immediately relaxed.We sat down to discuss our way forward and Jenni explained that she was on a design course at UNI and the design and drawing element was more important than the turning part. So that we could work exactly to the dimensions of the drawing she said she would be happy for me to have a big input in the turning.Because it was critical that we work strictly to the drawing and it exacting dimensions Jenni did all the roughing out and a lot of the sanding.It turned out to be one of the most pleasant days I have ever had in my workshop we worked as a team on this project and got the desired result.
Basically the project was a pestle and Mortar with handles as per the drawings below.
There is an extra handle because there is a grinding mechanism to go on the top.

Jenni took some pictures throuhgt the day that I will add as soon as I have them.

If you left click on the drawings they will become clearer

Saturday 7 April 2018

Leeand Helen 2nd Day

lee and Helen were her for the second day of their Bowl turning course and turned two lovely Bowls.
Today Lee turned a Spalted beech Bowl and Helen turned a super Sycamore Platter with a coloured rim.
They intend taking up turning for a hobby and will be getting all the equiptment soon.
I am sure we will be seeing them again and we will be looking forward to it .

A lovely couple and dont they look pleased with themselves and so they should.

Friday 6 April 2018

Lee and Helen

Today Lee and Helen were here for part of a two day Bowl turning course.Helen bought the course as a Birthdat present for Lee and he did not know until yesterday that he was comming here.
Today they turned a couple of nice bowls Lee's is Sycamore with a coloured rim and Helen's is a lovely Spalted Beech Bowl.
I am looking forward to them comming back tommorow for another enjoyable days turning.