Thursday 27 April 2017

I never do Commissions

One rule I have is to never accept Commissions but an old friend asked me to make a Base for a crystal lamp that his Daughter had bought for her Mothers 75Th Birthday.
How could I refuse so I made a quite simple base out od a nice piece of Beech.
I wanted the base to be quite plain so as not to take anything away from the lamp
10" x 2 1/2" approx

Roughing out yesterday

I had a load of Oak Walnut and various woods that needed roughing out so I had a hard day yesterday and roughed out this lot 30 in total.
A bit of cleaning up to do luckily my Brother Chris came around because he was Demonstrating in our Club and he helped me clean up

Tuesday 18 April 2017


Today my Student Angus was here as an 18Th Birthday present from his parents.
Angus will be finishing a College course in a few weeks time he has done Countryside Management and Conservation course.He already had a very good understanding of wood so a days Woodturning will help him with his future plans.
Angus did very well and was easy company and it is a change to have a young person to teach.
Well done Angus I hope your Mum is pleased with her Bowl you did well .

Friday 14 April 2017

Gwyn and Maria

Working on a Bank holiday is not so bad when your students for the day are like Gwyn and Maria.
A great couple lots of fun and plenty of skill. It is Maria's birthday and a days woodturning is a present to themselves.
Today has been very easy as both where a pleasure to be with.
Two beautiful Beech bowls the result of a very nice day.

Tuesday 11 April 2017

Jan's Birthday Treat

Jan's Birthday next Saturday and for a treat she has come to me for a days Woodturning tuition. Jan has also bought a lathe and inherited a set of Turning tools.
The day was very easy for me because Jan is a very quick learner and I only had to show her something once and she mastered it immediately.
Jan turned a very nice Beech Bowl with quite a wide rim that she coloured with her favourite colour Blue.
There is actually three colours with the top colour being blue.
The following pics were taken through out the day.
Nice Beech blank to start with
 Making a start shaping the bottom
 The sign of a good turner long shavings under the lathe
 Scraping prior to sanding
 Sanded and ready to reverse chuck
 Starting to remove the bowl centre
 Painted with Black base colour
 Jan applying colour
 Back on the lathe and applying some heat to help drying
 Final removal of bowl centre
 And the finished bowl what a beauty