Saturday 30 September 2017

Second of three days for Neil

Today is Neils second day of three and he said he likes a challenge and as he was enjoying working with wet wood we decided he would make a Bert Marsh inspired piece  .
This piece is turned wet from the same Beech log as yesterdays piece.
This was quite challenging for Neil as it was way out of balance but perseverance and hard work payed off and he has made a beautiful form.

Here are a few pics from today .

This is a big lump
 Starting to get into balance
 That was not easy
 Spigot and waste area ready for turning
 Starting to hollow with 10mm Bowl gouge
 That looks good
 Due to the depth Neil found it easier to work with the Crown Tools Midy revolution in the bottom
 Lath is stopped and lemon oil is applied with lathe stopped
 Doesn't he look pleased with himself
 That is a beutiful piece Neil

Friday 29 September 2017

First of three days for Neil

My Student today was Neil who is here for three days.
Neil was here for two days last year and he turned two very nice bowls .
Neil thought it would be good to set out on a bit of hollowing on this trip so I suggested he starts of with quite an open form for starters and below there are a few pics from today.
This Form is turned from end grain wet Beech with the Crown tools Midi Revolution.

I am not sure what neil will want to do tommorow.
Whatever it is I will add it to this thread.

This is quite a large form about 7" High
 Sanding the outside
 Removing the Spigot
 Applying Lemon oil

 Doesant he look proud and so he should

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Good company today

Today my student was Stuart who has been talking about Woodturning for many years and has finally decided to have a days turning experience prior to making up his mind whether to take it up as a hobby.
I think he should as he obviously has a feeling for turning and would soon make a good turner.
Stuart was great company and we had a very enjoyable day.
Stuart made a very respectable beech Bowl wit a textured and coloured rim

Saturday 16 September 2017

Todays Student George

My Student today was George who is still at School and needed to do a practical project for his school work.
George is studying design and needed to make something creative but not necessarily useful.George decided he would make a wide rimmed Bowl and colour the rim if there was time. He is a bright lad and took very quickly to turning and that left plenty of time for colouring.
The colours we used were new water based stains that I recently received from  http://www.msabansmith.com/
I have not had a lot of experience with these stains so it was a bit of a learning curve for myself and George.
Her are a few pics from today and the last one is George and his beautiful bowl.

Tuesday 12 September 2017

Todays Student John

My Student today was John from Bridgwater and as he lives so close I am hoping he will join our local Woodturning Club (http://www.burnham-on-sea-wtc.co.uk/ )
John has a lathe and some tools buried somewhere in his garage and I am hoping he has found enought insperation today to dig them out.
John was an easy to teach Student and very good company as you can see he turned a very nice bowl out of spalted Beech wit a coloured rim.
Very well done John.