Thursday 28 August 2014

I have been busy gardening

I have always grown a lot of vegetables but have got fed up working hard to feed the local Pigeons, Caterpillars,Slugs and Snails.
So I have decided to do away with my raised vegetable patches and create a flower and Shrub garden that would give colour all the year round.
I am now aching from head to toe every muscle and bone in my body hearts but I think it was worth the effort.

This was last year with the whole garden down to Vegetables

 The following pictures are as it is now.
In the foreground here was a rockery which I have got rid off and turfed the area over that will be less work.

 The graveled area here is where we will be putting a summer house soon.

 I do like my hanging baskets I do three lots every year to cover all the seasons

 Started to do my winter baskets I will be doing fifteen

 On the left of this picture is an old Mangle made localy that I am going to restore
 This is a nice shaded corner after about midday

Sunday 10 August 2014

Rolly Munro Master Class

On Friday the 8Th August I was very lucky to have world renowned woodturner Roly Munro Link to Roly Munro Website in my workshop for a Master Class with four students and myself assisting.
Rolly started the day by demonstrating to the students how to turn a Hollow form and then cutting it in half on the bandsaw and joining it with a ring of wood turned and inserted in a groove to join the two pieces together to create a beautiful double bowl.
Neither myself or any of the students had seen anything like it.
Rolly then went on to supervise the students as they created their version of the form..
Here are some pictures from the day.

The day before I turned down the wet Oak blanks to a rough size and bagged them up ready for a quick start in the morning.

Wood for this course was kindly donated by Paul at http://www.hazelburytimbersupplies.co.uk/

 Rolly explaining how the day was going to progress and doing a drawing
 The students were encouraged to do their own drawings to give them something to work to.
 Rolly starting his Demo piece

 This is the complicated bit.
 Rolly's completed bowl ready for the students to now create their own with this as a guide

Adrian making a start

 Charlie making sure his measurements are right
 Adrian getting stuck in
 Rolly keeping an eye on Chris.

 Charlie getting stuck in and Rolly helping Dave in the background
 Well done Dave getting there now
This is how to do it Dave
 Well done Charlie
 Chris looks pleased with himself
 No Dave that is not how it is done.
 The end of the day unfortunately Adrian had to rush off and missed the group pic.

A great day had by all.
Thank you Rolly

Monday 4 August 2014

Paddy and her Beech Bowl.

Today Paddy has spent the day with me for some tuition and advise prior to setting herself up as a woodturner and I think she is off to a very good start if this Beech bowl is anything to go by.
Very well done Paddy.