Thursday, 28 August 2014

I have been busy gardening

I have always grown a lot of vegetables but have got fed up working hard to feed the local Pigeons, Caterpillars,Slugs and Snails.
So I have decided to do away with my raised vegetable patches and create a flower and Shrub garden that would give colour all the year round.
I am now aching from head to toe every muscle and bone in my body hearts but I think it was worth the effort.

This was last year with the whole garden down to Vegetables

 The following pictures are as it is now.
In the foreground here was a rockery which I have got rid off and turfed the area over that will be less work.

 The graveled area here is where we will be putting a summer house soon.

 I do like my hanging baskets I do three lots every year to cover all the seasons

 Started to do my winter baskets I will be doing fifteen

 On the left of this picture is an old Mangle made localy that I am going to restore
 This is a nice shaded corner after about midday


  1. looks lovely George, but when are you coming to do mine. ??

  2. Yeh I will come and do it in my spare time LOL