Tuesday 30 July 2019

Wall hanging Sculpture

I felt like making something different today something that would be a change from woodturning although there is a small amount of turning.
I have done a quick WIP on it as below.

I started with a nice Oak board 36" x 7 1/2" that I had lying about for some time.
It is sanded all sides because the back will be left as plain wood.

The lines in this piece are all done with a freehand Router fitted with a Dovetail cutter .They are done with a Dovetail cutter because that gives it an undercut that looks good 

First the vertical grooves are cut and making sure I did not lift the Router out before the completion of the cut to avoid break out.

Then the horizontal lines ar cut again making sure I don't lift the Router early

 Then the front is Scorched and cleaned up with a bristle brush on an electric drill.
 To tie it all together the edges are Routered on the Router table except the bottom edge.
 This is the only bit of Turning creating the half round shelf for the bottom.
 The base is then scorched ant cut in half on the Bandsaw.

 I think it looks quite nice hung in our conservatory

 A nice little plant on the shelf finishes it off I think.

Sunday 28 July 2019

New Website.

I have felt for a while that my Website was looking a bit dated and as it was too much for me to take on creating a new one I was looking around for somebody to do it for me.
My Granddaughter Ali has a long term Partner Reg and he offered to do it for me.
I had no idea he was this clever on the computer so it has come as a bit of a surprise quite honestly.
Anyway Reg has created my new site and I am over the moon with it please have a look and comments will be welcome.

Link http://www.artistry-in-wood.co.uk/

Wednesday 24 July 2019

Present for Andy

I was recently given a very big Burr by a Mate I have never met and who asked nothing in return
I have made him a nice Brown Oak Bowl 10"x 4"with a Pewter rim

Saturday 20 July 2019

Tim and Julian

Today my Students were Tim and Julian both new to Woodturning .
Good company and a pleasure to teach hopefully they will go on to be Woodturners they both have the ability.
Tim and Julian turned very nice Sycamore Bowls.

Monday 15 July 2019

Walnut Box's and Paper weights

Further to my recent experiments with Pewter I have made some Walnut Box's and Paper weights.
here is a WIP on the way I created the Pewter inserts and ending up with Box's and Paper weights.

I made the moulds out of MDF by drilling them with a Forsener bit they were all about 8 mm deep and 60 mm wide

The first thing was to make them all a standard size so I turned a simple bit of waste wood to the shape below and brought up the Tailstop up to secure them.
they were all turned to a set size and one face turned flat

A little trick I was shown by Paul Hannaby was to catch the swarf for re melting by putting some paper below
The face and the edge were turned using a parting tool this seemed the best way

These in the Pic below have all been flattened one side and the edges turned to a standard size the pattern on some of them was created accidentally by the tool chattering.

Now I needed to flatten the second side and as the edge had already been turned to size so it was not critical to be dead centre.When the moulds were drilled using the Forsener bit it left a pointed hole in the bottom of the mould. As I could not bring the tailstop up to a fine point on the Pewter I gave the point a bang wit a hammer creating a flat surface to locate the tailstock on.
These were then simply flattened off to an approx thickness of about 5 mm

Swarf collected ready for re melting.
 That is the Pewter discs sorted now to put them to good use I have decided to make Box's from this lovely Walnut with textured Pewter inserts.
This bit of Walnut is approx 18" x 4"and I was thinking I could get three Box's from it.

I cut the wood into three pieces 6" long intending to make a Box from each.

 First the blanks were turned down to round approx 3" and a spigot on both ends.
 When I looked at the rounded blank the form seemed to work best with a shorter Box so I decided to make it 3" long with a lid 1" so working to the thirds rule.The lid was parted off and reversed into the chuck

 I shaped and finished the inside of the lid and created a recces for the lid to fit the base.
 Here the lid is fitted to the base with a very tight fit because later I will need to work on the lid without it coming loose.Doing it this way I get a perfect grain match.
When all the work was done on the lid I eased it so that it was not too tight

 Now I need to insert the Pewter disc turn it flat with the wood and do the texturing.I could have used a forsener bit at this stage but preferred to create the recess with a Skew chisel on its flat as a scraper because even though I was gluing the insert in I wanted it to be a tight fit.
 The Pewter insert is now glued in and the fit is snug.
 Outside of box shaped and sanded insert ready for a bit of texture.
 Some texturng added to give it a bit of interest
Here is another bit of texturing on the second Box

 This is the Box finished and polished

 Because I decided to make the Box's shorter there was a useful bit of Walnut blank left so rather than waste it I made it into a paper weight.
 This picture shows the two Box's and the two Paper weights I made this morning.
The two at the back are Box's and the two at the front are Paper weights

 The following four pics show the texture detail.

Thank you for looking please leave a comment.