Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Wall hanging Sculpture

I felt like making something different today something that would be a change from woodturning although there is a small amount of turning.
I have done a quick WIP on it as below.

I started with a nice Oak board 36" x 7 1/2" that I had lying about for some time.
It is sanded all sides because the back will be left as plain wood.

The lines in this piece are all done with a freehand Router fitted with a Dovetail cutter .They are done with a Dovetail cutter because that gives it an undercut that looks good 

First the vertical grooves are cut and making sure I did not lift the Router out before the completion of the cut to avoid break out.

Then the horizontal lines ar cut again making sure I don't lift the Router early

 Then the front is Scorched and cleaned up with a bristle brush on an electric drill.
 To tie it all together the edges are Routered on the Router table except the bottom edge.
 This is the only bit of Turning creating the half round shelf for the bottom.
 The base is then scorched ant cut in half on the Bandsaw.

 I think it looks quite nice hung in our conservatory

 A nice little plant on the shelf finishes it off I think.

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