Saturday 26 January 2019

Nick and Phil

My Students today were best mates Nick and Phil .
They were treated to a days Woodturning tuition by their Wifes.
They were great company and we had a realy good day.
Bothe took to Bowl turning and were easy to teach.
As you can see they both turned very nice Beech Bowls.

Saturday 19 January 2019

Reg and Paul

Today my Students were Reg and Paul ,Reg on the left of the picture and Paul on the right.
Reg is my Grandaudhter Ali's partner of  9 years so he is part of the Family and this was his Christmas present from Susan and I.
Paul is a regular and has been coming here for probably a couple of years.
Both were good company and very easy to teach which made it an easy day for me.
Reg turned a nice Oak bowl with a scorched painted and wax coloured  rim
Paul chose a Sycamore bowl with a very nice coloured wide rim

Thursday 17 January 2019

Oak Ash and Sycamore

Yesterday my Son Mark and I picked up a load of Ash and Sycamore to go with the Oak that I cut up last week.I have got over 80 round Blanks from the Ash and Sycamore from 17" down.
This gives me over 200 Bowl blanks to rough out.
I probably have well over a thousand blanks now with the ones already in store.

Monday 14 January 2019

Kiln dried Oak

Very busy yesterday cutting up a load of Kiln dried Oak that I bought recently.
This was all from off cuts from a firm who make wood framed buildings.I wont say what I gave for it and make you all jealous.
119 round blanks from 20" down
26 Spindle blanks

Saturday 5 January 2019

Mike and Caroline

My first Students of the new year Mike and Caroline .
Today was Mike's Birthday present from Caroline his Birthday was in November so I expect it is a Birthday and Christmas present.
Caroline decides to come along and keep Mike company and I am pleased she did like Mike she was great company.
They were a real delight and easy to teach which made the first of the new year easy for me.
Mike turned a very nice Sycamore Bowl with a curved rim and Caroline turned a very nice Sycamore Bowl with a textured and coloured rim.

Thank you bothe for making life easy for me today