Saturday 27 January 2018

Ken's Christmas Present

Ken my Student today was treated to a days Woodturning tuition from his Wife Christine as a Christmas present.
Ken turned a very nice Sycamore bowl with a textured and coloured rim.
Ken took to turning like a duck to water and realy should take it up as a hobby.
Ken was good company and hopefully he will be back.

Friday 26 January 2018

Oliver and Rich

Today my Students were Oliver and Rich from Surry.Oliver is a tree surgeon and he brought some beutiful Sycamore for them to turn Bowls out of.He has had this wood stored away for about 8 years so it is nice and dry and has some beutiful spalting as you can see from the pictures.
Oliver and Rich were realy good company and a pleasure to have here.

Friday 19 January 2018

Chris and Alison

Today my Students were Husband and Wife Chris and Alison.
Alison bought a days Woodturning Tuition for herself and Chris as a Christmas present with a view to possibly taking up Woodturning as a hobby.
Chris and Alison were given two lovely Sycamore Blanks to turn Bowls from and for no particular reason Alison ended up with the most difficult to turn due to a very big Knot and a bark inclusion.
They both turned very nice Bowls as you can see from the pic below.

They were both great company and a pleasure to be with.

I wanted to add some colour and texture to Chris's Bowl but he would not let me and grudgingly I have to agree it looked good without it.I don't always get my own way LOL
I did manage to get away with putting a couple of grooves on the rim.

This pic shows the texture and colour I wanted to do but the customer is always right LOL

 Alison's Bowl was not easy to turn but she stuck with it and had a great result
Very well done both of you.

Thursday 18 January 2018


Today my student Mel is recovering from a Stroke but fortunately the only effects he is suffering from is some memory loss and a slight speech problem.
luckily none of this effects his ability to do Woodturning and we had a very enjoyable day.
Mel took to turning surprisingly well and turned a very respectable Sycamore Bowl.
Well done Mel I look forward to seeing you again soon.


Saturday 13 January 2018

Peter's Christmas present

My Student yesterday was Peter who was here as a present from his partner lynn.
Peter is not about to take up woodturning just yet but thinks he probably will in a few years when he retires.
I have a feeling he just might take it up a bit before that as he certainly enjoyed his days Woodturning and made a very nice Sycamore Bowl.
Very well done Peter

Tuesday 9 January 2018

Andy's Birthday treat

Today my Student was Andy and it is his Birthday.
Andy's Wife Rachael treated him to a days Woodturning Tuition because it was his Birthday today. Andy has recently acquired a lathe and tools the tools are OK but the lathe is a bit limiting.
After using one of my Axminster teaching lath's he has decided the second hand lathe he has is just not good enough so he is going to buy a new Axminster lathe.
The lathe he has does not have variable speed so Andy can now see how much better turning is using the variable speed.
Axminster have some good deals on at the moment so it is a good time to buy.
Andy had a days Bowl turning and turned a very nice Sycamore bowl.

Well done Andy keep it up Mate.

Thursday 4 January 2018

Lisa and Duncan

A good start to the new year Lisa and Duncan my Students today.
Lisa bought a Gift voucher for Duncan as a Christmas present and booked herself in for the day as well.
Lisa's great love is trees and wood so I think she was being a little bit artful.
Lisa wanted to make quite a thin walled Fruit bowl and Duncan was not quite sure what he wanted but turned a beautiful Sycamore Bowl with quite a wide rim and some Texturing and colour.
Lisa chose A nice Beech blank and turned a beautiful fruit bowl.
They were great company easy to work with and made it a very enjoyable first working day of the new year.