Thursday, 4 January 2018

Lisa and Duncan

A good start to the new year Lisa and Duncan my Students today.
Lisa bought a Gift voucher for Duncan as a Christmas present and booked herself in for the day as well.
Lisa's great love is trees and wood so I think she was being a little bit artful.
Lisa wanted to make quite a thin walled Fruit bowl and Duncan was not quite sure what he wanted but turned a beautiful Sycamore Bowl with quite a wide rim and some Texturing and colour.
Lisa chose A nice Beech blank and turned a beautiful fruit bowl.
They were great company easy to work with and made it a very enjoyable first working day of the new year.


  1. Hi George

    Thanks for a great day. Myself and Lisa really enjoyed it and love our bowls. We enjoyed listening to you and learning from your experience. The hospitality provided with teas, biscuits and lunch was first class! Lisa’s bowl is full of apples and oranges as you can imagine. Thanks again for a great experience, we loved it!



  2. Hello Duncan.

    I am pleased you both enjoyed your day here and you are pleased with the bowls you turned.
    I hope to see you some time in the future