Saturday, 13 January 2018

Peter's Christmas present

My Student yesterday was Peter who was here as a present from his partner lynn.
Peter is not about to take up woodturning just yet but thinks he probably will in a few years when he retires.
I have a feeling he just might take it up a bit before that as he certainly enjoyed his days Woodturning and made a very nice Sycamore Bowl.
Very well done Peter


  1. My partner Lin bought me an day’s wood turning experience with George Foweraker as a Christmas present. Never one to shy away from DIY during my life, I was keen to add to my skills and find a new hobby for my retirement in a few years.

    On arrival George greeted me with a coffee and a 15 minute “getting to know each other” chat. We then entered his workshop which was an Aladdin’s cave for people who enjoy “making sawdust”.

    George is a skilled turner and a great teacher of his craft. I felt I brought away from the day more than just a beautifully finished bowl. George imparted his knowledge with great care and skill, mixed in with some really good humour. The tips you learn on this day will be put to use in many DIY in the future.

    When I got home and presented my bowl to Lin, she was staggered that a complete novice had brought back a piece she would have thought had come from a shop.

  2. We are pleased you enjoyed your day here as we enjoyed your company.
    I thought Lin would be pleased with her Bowl as you said she is a bit Arty and the couloured rim would appeal to her.
    Thank you for the brilliant reveiw it is very much apreciated