Saturday, 30 September 2017

Second of three days for Neil

Today is Neils second day of three and he said he likes a challenge and as he was enjoying working with wet wood we decided he would make a Bert Marsh inspired piece  .
This piece is turned wet from the same Beech log as yesterdays piece.
This was quite challenging for Neil as it was way out of balance but perseverance and hard work payed off and he has made a beautiful form.

Here are a few pics from today .

This is a big lump
 Starting to get into balance
 That was not easy
 Spigot and waste area ready for turning
 Starting to hollow with 10mm Bowl gouge
 That looks good
 Due to the depth Neil found it easier to work with the Crown Tools Midy revolution in the bottom
 Lath is stopped and lemon oil is applied with lathe stopped
 Doesn't he look pleased with himself
 That is a beutiful piece Neil

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