Sunday, 1 October 2017

Neils third day

This was Neil's third and last day for this year but He promises to come back again next year we will look forward to that as he is great easy company.
To round off the three days Neil turned a very nice Beech Bowl from the same log as the other two pieces.
This one is cross grain and the other two were end grain.
Neil has a very nice set of three pieces from this trip and he said he has just the place to put them in his bedroom.

Here are a few pics from the day.

The three finished pieces

Shaping the bottom with a pull cut

 Bottom turned and sanded down to 400 grit
 Lemon oil applied to stop drying while we had lunch
 Getting stuck into the inside now
 Inside nearly turned
 Final sanding down to 400 grit
 Inside completed ready to reverse and remove spigot
 Removing the Spigot
 That's it finished and very nice it is too.
 That's it the three days and three very nice pieces to take home to Hampshire.

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  1. Having previously had a couple of days tuition with George earlier in the year, `I was delighted to be able to return visit earlier this month and have 3 more days of excellent tuition and time with George and his delightful wife Susan , who keeps us regularly plied with coffee,tea and lovely lunches.

    With little turning experience, I had surprised myself at our first meeting , how I had been able with Georges supervision to produce a couple of great platters in spalted beech and felt on this visit I wanted to challenge myself to try deep hollowing ,something I had never done!
    George thought I was up to it but,because hollowing was usually done blind as you are working through a small area that for most of time the work was done by feel, I would best start in open hollowing form,which was great as I did’nt want to have a mishap or injury!!
    George has infinite patience and gives great confidence and enthusiasm with a high degree of safety tips and for a novice like me that’s very reassuring!
    A large lump of beech was chosen, cut and mounted on the lathe and Georges’ instruction to “feel the bevel,pick-up the cut,let the wood come to you” was such I shall never now forget!!
    After a busy and great first day I found I had made a heavy large bowl that I found really pleasing.

    Day two, I arrived on time and found George having coffee looking at a glossy book of great creations by a Bert Marsh, and he said as I wanted a challenge, I would have a go at producing a vase such as one shown! The day flew by and Susans lovely chilli soup and coffees passed in a sort of blur, my finding I had made a creation that I did’nt realise I could have done, using tools, blow lamps and rasps ! Amazing, my wife could‘nt believe I’d done it when I showed her that evening at the B&B.

    Day three, Arrived early, and we set to with revision on wood graining and how best to get the right cuts for different shapes,be they end or cross grain,then using the rest of the beech lump we turned a heavy solid bowl,sanded and treated with lemon oil. George in the space of twenty minutes also turned a veneer thin bowl that looked amazing as you could almost see through it! He thought it would quickly go out of shape as it dried but with loads of Lemon oil applied, its fine.

    All in, a fun time and I look forward to another session next year. Thank you George and my love to Susan!
    Keep well
    Neil Burman

    Neil Burman burmanen@aol.com