Monday, 13 April 2020

New Project Bench Seat restoration.2

With the old seat dismantled my plan today was to prepare all the wood ready to assemble but there was a big change of plan as you will see.

Raided my stash of Ash really this wood is too good for this but I dont have anything else suitable because as soon as I get wood I cut it into Bowl Blanks.

 Took measurements and worked out what I needed for the project.
 Wood sawn and ready for assembly at this stage it has been sawn planed and thicknessed as it is for rough old outside seat I have not bothered sanding the finish is good enough.
 Using the top of the old frame as a pattern to get the curve right
 Refined the curve on the Belt sander
 This is where the change came this is not glued up just put together dry to make sure of the fit.
 I looked at this and decided it was much too nice to stick those cheap old cast iron ends on and dade the decision to make a complete seat from scratch.This will be a lot more work but a much nicer project.This means that I am now going to aim for a much better finish.The parts are now all sanded and my next job is to put a small chamfer on all the edges it gives it a much nicer look that will be tomorrow.
 These are the two end back legs and back support quite a lot of work to be done on these yet.
Tomorrow I have to go to Screwfix to get some suitable glue because this will be an outside seat.

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