Thursday, 9 April 2020

Lock down update 10

Spent some time today correcting my mistakes a bit of work but worth it because I learned a lot.

As you will know if you saw yesterdays Blog I had made a couple of mistakes and today I put them right.
I had to make new rails and cut new mortices on them.
I have raided my stash of Ash to make new rails it is bone dry and stunning grain

 This is the piece I have picked out.
 The Tenons have been made on the Table saw by setting the depth of the cut and running the board over the top then nibbling the waste off by moving the board along a bit at a time.

 Cut Tenon
 Dry fitted and checked ready for gluing ut tomorrow
 Completed Mortice and Tenon.You can see the saw marks where the waste was nibbled off a bit at a time.
Coming up together some sanding glueing and the frame and legs will be ready to fix to the top.


  1. Hi George.Hope you don't mind but i used to make alot of furniture and i used to make the mortices meet in the corner and mitre the tenons in the corner with a hanch on the top

  2. Thank you for the comment Roger I am not sure what you mean I wish I did I am always willing to learn.Do you mean you make the Mottices meet each on the inside of the leg and the tenons then touch each other.I can see if you wanted a lot of strength that would work.

  3. Hi yes that makes it very strong and then wood dowels from the inside out but not right though. But the glues we use now are alot better titebond

  4. Mortise and Tenon End Table. google this

  5. Just looked a lot of inspiration there thank you I will probably make a few more tables while I am on lock down.Do I know you Roger?

  6. yes you do know me im cornish

  7. How are you and your family Roger we are ok here

  8. Hi. yes all well here thanks .
    keep safe