Sunday, 26 April 2020

Workshop upgrade near enough finished.

My Workshop upgrade is just about finished there are few more things to do at a later date but that is for another day.

Because I fitted the new Mitre Saw I found the Bench was not wide enough to support the wood that will be cut on the Saw so I have widened the Bench top to 2'6" this makes all the difference.I now have 8' on the left of the Saw and 5' on the right that is anple.

 I am pleased with how it has turned out
This is an example of how one job leads to another the floor needs painting it was last done when the Workshop was built 12 years ago.

 All the machinery except the Bandsaw and Graduate Lathe has been moved outside so that the floor can be painted.

 I have wire brushed the complete floor by hand because there is no point putting expensive paint on a poor surface.My poor old knees are rubbed raw from kneeling Lol.

 I will just paint around the Graduate it is too heavy to shift
 The bandsaw is awkward because it is higher than the doors so although it is on wheels it would be awkward for one person to move it outside.I have painted the area it stands on then pushed it back in place a bit of patching might be needed
 The paint is a little darker than I would have liked but it looks OK and it is anti slip.

 The paint is supposed to be allowed to harden for 48 hours before using it but I think in these temperatures i will be able to move it all in tomorrow afternoon.To be on the safe side as light rain is forecast for tomorrow everything is sheeted down well.


  1. Hi George at least you have the weather to get these sort of jobs done we must soldier on Regards John

  2. hello John we are all well here and enjoying the sun but the garden needs rain

  3. hi George you have got the Rain now so get on with making a mess in that tidy workshop we are well new Hip coming along great Regards John

  4. it will do the Garden good john as no doubt your new hip will do you good.Stay safe Mate