Thursday, 23 April 2020

Still on Workshop Upgrade

I decided that the new saw would be best permanently mounted in the Bench.It meant cutting out a big hole in my new bench top but never mind it will be worth it.

 This is what the saw will sit on with 18mm MDF under it it has to be quite firm because the Saw is heavy
 Here we have the Saw in place and fixed down.The surface of the Saw is 3/8" above the bench surface .If i have long wood to work on I will put a slip of wood under it to make it the same height as the Saw .This will work better that trying to make the bench absolutely perfect.
 One problemI now have is that the bench is not wide enough.An ideal bench with this machine on would be 3' wide my bench is 2' wide so I am giong to make it 2' 6" wide that should be OK.This will not be difficult I just have to unscrew the plywood  top and remove it making room for the wider top
I have not tried the Saw yet but I did run it up and put a couple of bits through it I was pleasantly surprised how quiet it is.


  1. looks good. if you cut o hole in the back the saw dust could fall down ??

  2. You cant see it but there is a dust outlet on the right hand side

  3. Sorry did not see it . the chop saws create alot of dust and will bounce of the wall.looks good

  4. Makita make good kit this is a nice saw

  5. Am I jealous Of course not but I tell lies aswell LOl