Sunday, 12 April 2020

New Project Bench Seat restoration.1

As I have completed my coffee Table Project I was thinking what else could I do to keep me busy.
We have had a Bench Seat in the front of our Bungalow chained to the wall because the last one was stolen.It has been there for about ten years so was desperately in need of restoring to its original or better condition.The ends are cast iron so only need a wire brushing and the decorative panels are tin so will need wire brushing and painting.
I have made a start and will inc a few pics on my Blog as I go.

Because all the bolts were rusted up they had to be cut off with the disc grinder .The disc Grinder is fitted with a very thin metal cutting disc very efficient.Not forgetting to use full face protection in my opinion just protecting the eyes is not enough.

 As you can see it has seen better days

 The panel is held in with screws they were too rusty to unscrew so I prised it all apart

That is the dismantling completed ready for cleaning painting and new woodwork. 

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