Tuesday, 14 April 2020

New Project Bench Seat restoration.3

Started off today by creating a Bevel on all the edges of the wood that has been prepared there will more to do later.It only takes a short time on the Router Table with the bevel cutter very simple to use you just set the height and run the wood along the bearing.

 Not very clear in this picture but all the edges now have a small Bevel makes it look nicer
 This is all put together with Biscuit joints and Gorilla Glue and will be very strong.
 As you can see the Biscuit slots are almost the full width of the wood creating a very good joint.
 All Glued and clamped Router table covered with Cling film to protect from the glue.
 That is the Mortices completed on the ends I had to concentrate here because it is very easy to mark it out wrong.Plenty left to do and i will be doing it a bit at a time making sure I dont make mistakes.

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