Friday, 17 April 2020

New Project Bench seat Restoration 4

I have been quietly making progress on my Bench seat but a lot of it was probably not suitable for pictures and description.There are a lot of Mortise and Tenon joints and some of these I made by hand a couple of days ago.I have really ever done much hand joinery so it was something new and I actually enjoyed it.I was also surprised that I was not too bad at it.
I picked up some Gorilla Glue from Screwfix and never realised it was foaming Glue.As I had it I thought I might as well use it and was surprised and pleased with it.One thing I liked was the cleaning up of the foam that had oozed out from the joints was easy to remove with a sharp chisel.

Even though the joints are quite tight some of the glue squeezes out .

 Once again I had to raid my Ash stash it is stunning beautiful wood

All set up for processing the wood
 Starting to come together the back rest is glued onto the rear legs the sides are placed into the Mortises and Tenons dry for a trial fit.
 One thing I have found doing these couple of projects is that i need more workbench space that will be my next project I think.

 Put a bit of a radius on the seat supports with Bandsaw and Bobbin sander

 The sides and seat slats placed together dry ready for gluing.


  1. Congratulations George a lovely bench it looks very comfortable looking seat a good excuse in lock down to relay make sure it has a good test run

  2. I will john still got a bit to do on it then the sun will be out and time to enjoy

  3. That is really a professionally made bench. You certainly have all the kit in the workshop now and the space! Great work

  4. Thank you Sue I could do with a bit more space but have to make do with what I have