Saturday, 7 December 2019

Paul and Jax

Today my Students were Paul and Jax although they are both regular Students they have never been here together before.
I like to teach two Students at a time if possible as I actually find it goes a lot smoother than one to one no so intense and you can end up having a lot of fun and today was one of those days.
Paul and Jax worked well together and turned out some really nice work as you can see from the picture


  1. As always a fun day and lots learnt ....

    I’m very happy to have created the bowls and Christmas trees that I did today

    I continue to learn and with your tuition I feel that I have developed my skills over the last two years

    Practice makes perfect - thank you!


  2. Hi George

    Just a quick note to say 'Many Thanks' for the great day I spent with
    you, Sue and Jax on Saturday. This is not my first occassion with you as
    you well know but every occassion is a new experience. It was good to
    meet Jax who's brilliant sense of humour ensured we all had a laugh
    whilst learning. This coupled with your usual top notch knowledge and
    training style and Sue's catering and easy conversation made for yet
    another lovely day. Apologies for insisting on creating a different
    piece to Jax but I am sure you enjoyed the challenge!