Thursday, 18 February 2016

Stephen's second day

The plan today was to turn a wide rimmed bowl and colour and texture the rim. Things don't always go to plan the Beech blank we chose for today turned out to be far too beautiful to texture and colour.
So it was now plan B turn the bottom of the bowl then turn it around and create a wide rimmed bowl do a bit of texturing and colouring and then turn it into a very nice fruit bowl removing the colour and texture.
The first pictures show some of the texturing and colouring that Steven did prior to creating a most stunning fruit bowl.

Stephen turns and finishes the bottom of the bowl

Now we can see the stunning feature in this bowl we make the decision that it is just too nice to texture and colour.

The bowl is now turned and in the chuck ready to have a play with colour and texture.

 The bowl is finally turned into a beautiful fruit bowl


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  1. Hello George & Susan

    Many thanks again for the outstanding wood turning tuition & one of the highlights of the training was definitely the excellent sandwiches prepared by Susan.
    Very friendly and easy to follow approach to training
    Wealth of wood turning knowledge readily imparted
    Good mix of techniques & flexibility to introduce other relevant skill that arise on discussions with the trainee
    Very useful advice on wood turning in general, pitfalls to avoid and exposure to the unlimited potential for creativity!
    Possible improvement in skill development: if the objective is to learn & develop skills then it might be better to practice on a disposable piece of wood & repeat exercises until skills is better understood & mastered. e.g. my objective was to learn and hone skills not to produce a bowl. Having said that the unique beech bowl I came home with is stunning & an excellent example of what can be produced in a few hours!
    I take delivery of my lathe next week & after spending a fortune on it , training & new tools I'd better start some intensive practising.
    Anyway I thought your tuition was excellent & I'll definitely be in touch for a follow up tuition and an introduction to texturing techniques later this year.

    All the best