Sunday, 4 February 2018

Playing with colours

On Wednesday evening I did a demonstration in our local Woodturning Club I was going to make a Cake stand but in the end I decided I liked colouring more that Cake stands.
I used a couple of Bowl blanks that I had roughed out about a year ago the red one is Sycamore and the darker one is Beech.
Some Months ago I had a day with Martin Saban-Smith who makes and sells his Intrinsent colours they are water based stains.
What I like about these is that the grain and figuring of the wood shows through the finished wood.
These Bowls were not completed completely on Wednesday because I considered it more important to show the colouring technique than creating finished Bowls so I finished them of this morning..

By using a combination of colours I have highlighted the grain and figure in the wood.

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