Thursday, 3 March 2011

Teaching today

Today i have had two pupils Sue who has been turning for 6 months has her own lathe and is coming along nicely.
Roger who has never turned before and has had his first lesson today.
Sue turned a big mallet head out of Horse chestnut for her son Adam to knock in fence Post.
Then she made a very nice weed pot out of Yew which she coloured with spirit stain.

Roger made a very nice bowl finished to a very high standard with a carved and scorched rim.
Here are some pics from todays lesson.

Making a Good start.

Now he is getting into it and making real shavings.
Sue roughing down her mallet head,
Outside finished now for the inside.
Inside finished ready to do some carving on the rim

Here we have two very satisfied customers,

All in all a very good day well done Roger and Sue.


  1. Hi G,

    I like these posts. They're a great way of learning about your style and approach and it must be very rewarding for you to pass on your sills.

    Keep up the good work,


  2. Hello Lee.
    I really enjoy teaching it is a real pleasure to see a newcomer to turning go away with a nice bowl.
    I always start them with a bowl as it is something they can complete in a day and keep for ever.