Saturday, 19 March 2011

An experiment

I have made a Hollow form out  yellow pine and coloured it with Chestnut spirit stain.
Then i sprayed it with Acrylic spray and polished.
It is not really a success as the side brain is very difficult to sand to a perfect finish and the inside is very hard to hollow.
It was worth a try but i would not bother again.
The wood was glued with Gorilla glue which parted at one stage.
Not completely the fault of the glue with all this side grain it was putting a strain on the glue joint.
A few pics.

Roughed out between Steb centre and tailstock.
Unfortunately the glue joint gave way.

The base has been stuck back on with super glue and clamped with tailstock.
The base broke off when I was hollowing.In retrospect it would probably have been prudent to have left a wider base and hollowed most of the inside before reducing the base.
A lesson learnt.
I did not bother to complete the hollowing as there seemed little point as I would expect the base to break again.

Because of the openness of the grain o this Yellow pine it is not easy to get a good finish .
What i did find was that after using very sharp guoge on the outside a negative rake scraper helped to create a sandable finish.
If I was going to do one again I would probably as I said above do most of the hollowing before reducing the base.

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