Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A much better day.

Today has gone better than yesterday which was mostly a desaster.
TodayIi have managed to complete six textured and coloured wide rimmed bowls towards the order of ten for a Gallery.
They all have to be coloured and differant so today I was in production mode and completed six of ten.
I already have six in stock so I now have to concentrate on the ten coloured Hollow forms for the order.

A little bit of touuching up and some buffing on these tommorow and they will be gallery quality.


  1. Hi George,

    Making great progress mate, these are all great pieces and I'm sure the gallery will be very happy.

    Aw the best,


  2. Thanks Lee.
    I have to get stuck into the hollow forms now and they all have to be coloured.

    Regards george

  3. Hi George,

    Things have gone exceptionally well for you today! These are all stunning pieces and won't stay long in the gallery.