Sunday, 15 May 2011

Very poor service from Robert Sorby.

I am an Honorary life member of a nice little Woodturning club in West Wales the Pembrokshire woodturning club.
I have just had a telephone call from their Chairman John Blake.
It seems that they were booked in for a demonstration evening with Robert Sorby's rep Chris Pouncy.
At 8 30 am on the morning of the demo Chris Pouncy rang John and told him he had a problem with his van it had failed the MOT test.At 10 am he told john that the van would not be fixed therefore he was unable to make it that evening.
Apparently his van is a Ford and was with the main Ford agents in Sheffield and needed a new wheel bearing which they never had in stock.
Nearly 30 members turned up in the evening with money in their pockets expecting a demo and a chance to buy tools.
The club had advertised the evening in local papers and on the local radio .They had also booked accommodation for Chris Pouncy which could not be cancelled and had to be paid for.
I feel bad about this because it was me that suggested the club booked Robert Sorby for a demo but I certainly will not be recommending them again.
I think it was a very weak excuse and find it very hard to believe that a Ford main agent never had a wheel bearing in stock for a Ford vehicle.
There has now been a reply from Robert Sorby and in effort to try and be fair it is here for you.To be fair it would seem that the problems were beyond their control but it obviously still left the members very disapointed.
Reply from Robert Sorby


  1. Hello George, Im glad you highlighted the fact that sorby let us down. I was one of those members with a pocket full of money waiting to spend as im fairly new to turning and seeing your sharpening system on the last demo in west wales ive been saving for one. their loss as they say.

    Paul, PS Im a big follower on your blog well done

  2. Hi Paul.
    You all must have been very disappointed.
    I understand from John Blake that Mark Sanger is doing a demo later in the year .That will be an ideal opportunity to buy some Crown tools at a discounted rate.
    Mark will be doing an all day demo so I will probably come as well.It should be a good day and I will look forward to seeing you all.

  3. So why did they not hire a van for this engagement? Such a let down from a reputable company is absolutely deplorable.

  4. Sorby lost out because Mark Sanger and I did a Demo for the Pembrokshire club and Mark sold over a thousand pounds worth of tools.Marker please sign up to my Blog to get future updates