Saturday, 14 May 2011

A couple of bowls.

These bowls are carved with a power carver scorched and lacquered.
I got the idea from similar bowls that Mark Sanger makes,

The second of these bowls was made for my Nephew and Neice Matt and Mary it is their 5Th wedding anniversary and 5 years is wood so I made them this bowl.
I also had a visit from Sue Meads this morning which was nice to have some company in the workshop for a couple of hours.
While she was here she made a very nice Sycamore bowl as a raffle prize for a coffee morning she is having shortly.

Nice one Sue.You must have a good teacher LOL


  1. Hi George

    It is good to see your students progressing at such a great rate.

    It goes to show that your teaching methods are working.

  2. Thank you Mark I do my best.
    It is a privilege to be able to pass on the skills I have picked up over the years

  3. Hi George,
    I reckon I've got two of the BEST teachers! AND I promise to take more care with my finishing - I'll be much more gentle - what is it you say "be as gentle as........
    Take care and thanks again