Wednesday, 4 May 2011

More wood.

Today I bought some Sycamore to make some coloured wide rim bowls.
I like Sycamore for texturing and colouring as it takes colour well.

Because I am limited by the depth of the throat on my bandsaw It is 17 1/2" I  have found the easiest way is to mark out all of my circles then cut the boards into squares.
It is then quite easy to cut the blanks from the circles.
I have used a 3/4" 3 tooth  blade and find it is possible to cut down to 8" circles comfortably.

That is 49 bowl blanks from 13" down to 10" 25 spindle blanks suitable for candlesticks but will probably be used at our club meeting for tool practise.
6 bags of firewood for Sue the secretary of our woodturning club for her wood burner.
This wood is air dried down to about 20% so i will rough all these blanks out and in a couple of months I will be able to Finnish them.

Started with 49 bowl blanks.Mark Sanger scrounged 4 of them which left me with 45.
All roughed out for wide rim bowls ready for finishing texturing and colouring when they have dried some more.That took me three hours and ten minutes that is a total of 4.2 minutes each.
Not up to Glenn Lucas speed but not bad

These should keep me busy for a while

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