Friday, 20 May 2011

New Gallery opening

Last night my wife Sue and I attended the opening of a new art Gallery in Taunton.
It was all invited guests including the Artists and makers of which I am one.
It was a very pleasant evening witth snacks and drinks .Because I was driving I could only drink one small glass of white wine.
There was quite a few sales and one of the first things to sell was one of my textured and coloured bowls.
Here are some pics I took.


  1. Well done George. It looks a good venue with interesting work. Keep the sales going I new once I have converted you to colour and texture you would start selling. :-)

  2. You have got a cheek.
    It was me converted you if you remember.
    Quote Mark Sanger:"I am not interested in colouring and texturing I like real wood".
    Just in case you have forgotten who it was that made you famous.

  3. Congratulations George, the gallery looks great, just remember the little people when you are world famous! xx

  4. Don't worry Jacqui you will always be my favourite.

  5. It must be a great feeling to be accepted into this new gallery. I hope this venture is another success for you G.

    Well done mate.