Thursday, 19 May 2011

Broken down Nova DVR XP

Yesterday morning I was all ready and raring to go but my Nova had other ideas.
It Just would not run and the display said Not connected.
It is now in bits and with an Electronics expert.
I have Emailed the makers twice and have not had a reply.Teknatool in New Zealand.I am not impressed I can tell you and getting any sense from Record who now supply them is like beating your head against the wall.
I am now making bowls on my trusty old Graduate.
And the bloody misery goes on.
I have sent several Emails to Teknatools and asked for advise and quite honestly there only advise seems to be buy a complete new control system for £400  00 and see if that works.
I have also been trying to get help from Record power.There top man Alan was in my opinion less than helpful but their man Tony tried his best to help by giving me a few tips.
At the end of the day it has all been a very poor service in my opinion.
I have reluctantly had to order the new bits for the £400  00 because they seemed unwilling or unable to give any constructive help.
I bought this Lathe about 6 years ago from Robert Sorby and I have had a lot of good service from it but if I had only had it for a short time I would not be at all happy with the after sales service.
I suppose the only upside is now that Record are the agents a new one would be subject to their 5 year warranty.
I hope when all the bits come and it is put back together it is OK if not I don't know what the answer will be.I will let you know.

I have received the new bits for my Nova and it is all back together and working OK.
It would seem that the only cure for any Nova electrical problem is to replace the whole electrical system exept the motor.
The cost for this lot was £407  00 delivered.
I find it bloody amazing in this day and age when we are supposed to save the worlds recourses that you have to replace the whole gubbins and throw away all of this lot when it is not possible that every component is faulty.
Here is a pic of what I have to throw away.

Also Record boast of giving a 5 year warranty on their product but when I asked Alan Bigg their teck man at Record I was told although these electrical parts are brand new I will only get a two year warranty on them.
Overall I am not impressed with the service from Record .Their top teck man Alan Bigg seemed a sour less than helpful person but Tony in Teck did his best to help me but quite honestly I had the feeling that they did not have a clue what they were talking about.


  1. No clue what they were talking about? Salesmen often don't. Teknatool boasts that its product are made in China. Nuff said?

    1. After fitting the new brains in the thing is like new.But an unnecessarily expensive repair.
      Teknatool are very clever in not putting any numbers or any means of identifying the parts therefore making it impossible to repair.Therefore you have no option but to by a whole new brain over £400 00.