Sunday, 1 May 2011

Holm oak Hollow form.

Hi All
I had a problem photographing this piece it is so shiny i cant seem to avoid reflections.
This piece was originally hollowed out at Yandles show by Mark Sanger.
He gave it to me to dry and finish.
After a few weeks I returned it to the lathe and found there was no distortion so i hollowed it down quite thin microwaved it several times and air dried it.
I microwaved this piece in many sessions on defrost for 4 minute intervals allowing the piece to cool and settle.
I am not exactly sure how many times I did it but it would be a couple of sessions then leave it for a day or two before repeating this allows the wood to settle.
After the first half a dozen sessions I would return the piece to a carrier bag to control the drying.
Yesterday I finished and coloured it and applied one coat of varnish.
This morning I applied a second coat of varnish.

This piece is turned from Holm or evergreen Oak.
After hollowing it was sanded with 120 grit then spirit stain colour added as the lathe was turning at about 700 Rpm.
I then went through the grades down to 600 grit adding colour between each grade,
I always start with dark colours first and build the colours up with lighter colours finishing with yellow.
I always Finnish with yellow whatever the underlying colours as the yellow gives it a nice glow.
Then I applied two coats of Woodoc 20 obtainable from Phil Irons. After the first coat I rubbed it down with grey Webrax before applying the second coat.
Phil Irons

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