Friday, 20 March 2020

Lock down Update 2

Further to my WIP on making a Coffee Table.

Setting up ready to cut Biscuit joint slots.
I am always a bit short of Bench space so find my paper hanging table useful it is very rigid and when I am not using it folds up.
 Before cutting biscuit slots I have decided to chamfer all four sides of the boards so that when they are assembled it will be an added feature.This is my Router table and I used a chamfer bit.Useful feature with this table is the Router lift it makes height adjustments accurate and easy.Brother Chris and I made two of these tables years ago one each.
 Table tucked away until next time
 Biscuit slots ready for gluing up
 All glued up with PVA glue  The Biscuits slot into the slots on both pieces of wood and when they expand it creates a strong joint.Stronger that just the Glue.

 You can just make out the V shapes in the joints
 This is a better picture
I will carry on with this WIP if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.Comments are always very welcome

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  1. Really enjoying the blog and looking forward to further editions. As someone who has no carpentry skills I am enjoying the details of how you are doing things.