Friday, 27 March 2020

Lockdown update 4

The garden is now up together Greenhouse sorted and half the Summer house painted.
Found time to do a bit more on the Coffee Table today.
I did not do too much as I dont want to everything in 5 minutes then run out of things to do..

All ready set up to do the second side of the Mortice
 That is looking Ok.I have made the Mortice smaller than i intended because I decided the ends at 150 mm looked too big.So am reducing the end boards down to 75mm which is the same as the long boards I think it will look more balanced.So the Tenons are now 50mm.
 Using hand tools for some of the jobs but to be honest I dont like using them I much prefere Machinery and Power tools

 That is the Tenons sorted I will be making the end boards complete with Mortices tomorrow
 The tenons need to be a snug fit because the end boards will not be glued they will have wooden dowels.
 Not everything is made using Power tool or Machinery sometimes it is just as easy to use hand tools.

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