Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Chris and Bob

 My Students for the last two days were Father and Son Chris and bob treated to two days Woodturning Tuition by Chris's Wife Nina as a Christmas present.
Chris is Retired and Bob works as a full time self employed furniture maker in London me they both assured me they enjoyed their time here and will be going on to be Woodturners.
I am sure in the future Bob will be including Woodturning in the beautiful furniture he creates.
Bob Chose Ash to create two lovely Bowls and Chris chose Sycamore and made two equally lovely Bowls.

A few random pics taken from the second day.


  1. Dear George,
    Bob and I are most grateful for these last two days of woodturning tuition under your expert hand. Your approach, insisting on the basics of the craft, was exactly what we hoped for but also gave us a real sense of progress and achievement over the two days. The four bowls we brought home were welcomed with enthusiasm. We also appreciated your and Susan’s hospitality and her delicious lunches, as well as the frequent cups of tea/coffee and biscuits.
    I will be in touch shortly, I hope, to seek your advice on fitting out my workshop with a starter kit for woodturning. Both Bob and I have definitely caught the bug!
    With all good wishes and many thanks
    Chris and Bob

  2. Hi Chris
    Thank you for the positive review of your day's here we are pleased you enjoyed it.We enjoyed your's and Bob's company.
    Nice that you gave Susan a mention not everybody appreciates the effort she goes to to give people nice home made food.
    Get Bob to send me on some pictures of his work I am always interested in seeing quality work
    When you are ready to set up your workshop let me know

    Regards George and Sue