Saturday, 28 March 2020

Lockdown update 5 Coffee table

I did not do a lot today just made and fixed one Bread Board end .As I had never done one before it took quite a bit of thinking about but the other one should be easier.

I have purposely left the End Board over length so that I could cut a piece of and cut a Mortice in it as a test piece.Morticer all set up with 1/2" bit and Chisel.

This picture shows the extra length of the End Board

 Positions of the Mortices marked out and ready to be cut The Mortices will all be cut out slightly longer to allow for Expansion and Contraction I forgot to take a picture of the Mortices after they were cut I will take one when I do the other end.
 Mortices cut and checked for fit The End Board is now marked out for the position of the Dowels
 The Dowels will go through one side only of the End Board and into the Tenons but will stop at the bottom of the Tenons .The holes in the Tenons have been drilled about 2mm closer to the shoulder and elongated.This is so that when I drive the Dowels in they will squeeze the End Board up tight to the shoulder.The holes are elongated to allow for sideways movement if the Boards expand.

 Dowels driven in and glue applied to the section that is in the End Board only
 I now need to remove the excess length of the End Board and this is being done on the Bandsaw.Some time ago to improve my Bandsaw I fitted a fence from Axminster tools a very useful bit of kit.It can be used upright or on its side and will slide the full length of the fence.Here I have lined it up with the blade

 I am now able to slide the fence back to allow room to have the excess wood in front of the fence but still have the full length of the fence as a guide.

 The Dowels have been driven in and only the top glued.This is the only glue on the end boards they are held in by the Dowels.The Dowels are cut of with a Japanese pull saw the paper is to protect the Board.
 Dowels Sanded off flush
 Not a very clear picture of the sanded off Dowels making sure the grain on the Dowels was all aligned in the same direction .
I hope I have explains this clearly if not comment and I will try to explain it better


  1. Looking good George. Really enjoying the details of how you are working

  2. I dont know who you are but thank you anyway