Saturday, 15 February 2020

Jackie and Dad John

Yesterday and today my Students were Jackie and her Dad John a treat for John's 85th Birthday but you would never have guessed he was 85.
Two very enjoyable days bowl turning with great results as you can see below.

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  1. I have just returned from a wonderful 2 days woodturning with George. I went with my 85 year old Dad who wanted to give woodturning a try, and we were not disappointed. George had a large well-equipped workshop in his garden so there were regular trips back into his conservatory to be looked after by his attentive wife Susan. So, although you spend a lot of time on your feet it wasn’t too much for my Dad.
    We made 2 bowls over the 2 days to help consolidate skills. George was a good and patient instructor and was able to keep us both busy at the same time while ensuring complete safety. The workshop was just the right temperature despite the wind and rain outside and we were given overalls to ensure we kept clean (although Dad did find some wood shavings down his top from forgetting to zip it all the way up!) Neither of us had any woodturning skills beforehand, so don’t feel you need any. Susan plied us with tea and biscuits, sandwiches and a lovely soup for lunch the second day. Warm fresh scones were our reward for all our hard work in the afternoon. We felt very well looked after.
    If I lived closer I would definitely go again, even living where I do (Manchester), I will consider it. Thanks George.