Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Yandles September show.

Yesterday Yandles confirmed they will want me to demonstrate at their September show.Two full days of demonstrating a bit tiring but great fun.An opportunity to meet lots of old friends and many new ones.Something to really look forward to.

Last night Sue meads the Secretary of our woodturning club popped around for a couple of hours.
Sue had a very nice bit of Apple wood that she saved from the fire it was a bit of crotch with quite a bit of burr.We cut it through the middle and Sue turned out a lovely pair of bowls.

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  1. Congratulations on yandles George- will you and Mark.S both be there demoing?

  2. Thank you George I am looking forward to it as It is a great show.
    I think Mark will be on the Crown Tools stand either demonstrating or selling or both.
    At least that will keep him busy and it will stop him hovering over me being critical.LOL