Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Jo Sonja's Coarse

Yesterday I attended a coarse to learn new techniques using the JoSonja's range of products.
The coarse was organised by Lynn from  Flutterby Crafts and held in their premises at Thatcham Link here
There was a small group of us and the day was very relaxed although a lot of information was given and hands on work was done.
The coarse Tutor was Vicki Nicholson an Australian lady that had worked for Croma's the makers of JoSonja's product for over 25 years.Vicki had a massive amount of experience  of using these products and passed on as much info as time would allow.
Some of the techniques we covered were Smoke Marbling,Gold leafing,Crackle painting and many more.
Some of these I will be trying out and incorporating in my work later.Here are a few pics from the day.
To elarge pics left click on pic.


  1. Hi George

    It looks a good course with some interesting paint effects. I am looking forward to seeing some new work from you including what you have learnt.

  2. Hi George, looks like a great day, couple of dodgy looking geezers in the 1st photo!
    cheers Chris

  3. Hi Chris I am glad I was not in that pic.LOL

  4. thanks for sharing.