Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Struggling with Crackle

I am struggling to get consistent results with Crackle paint.I am using the JoSonja's system for creating a crackled surface and my problem is consistency.
Getting consistency on a small bit of board is a lot easier than on a large area like a wide rim bowl.

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This is the best one up to now Red on Gold.

This is a complete failure
Back to the drawing board and more practice.


  1. Hi George these look good- thinking back to my college days when I learned crackle, broken colour, marbling techniques etc. The factors which we were taught effect crackle was the porosity of the substrate and then the thickness of the two layers. If the surface was completely sealed and the two layers were of even thickness we got the best crackle results. But having said all that I like the red and gold one here and don’t think it matters that the crackle isn’t consistent.

  2. Hi George.
    Thank you for the tips it all helps.I am doing sample panels on MDF and making notes of thicknesses Etc on the back until I get it right.I am also trying different paints.Spoke to Mark S last night and he thinks the high temperatures at the moment might have an effect on the big areas.He said the paint might be drying too quick.

  3. Hi George

    I am sure you will get there in the end. Certainly I have little knowledge of the subject compared to G.W but in the past most of my paint problems were down to humidity and heat.

    Also if you look at aged paint on doors etc, you never see perfect crackling over the whole door, the modern effects are obviously designed to speed up the process of age etc.

    The picture of the failure I actually like as an effect on its own if used in the right context, whatever that may be!.

    Any craft takes many years of practice and refinement and it is only the willingness to keep experimenting and refining that gets us there in the end. I know you are aware of this but it is like people that have an addiction to tools, they expect to point it at the wood and for a perfect form to appear.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Mark.
    I think getting a uniform pattern might be imposable and I should accept it being a bit random.Anyway I will keep on trying until I at least get a predictable result.Thank you for commenting.